Founding Members

KidLit Collaborators2Kidlit Parade is a collaboration project between three authors and one voice-over actor/teacher. Together it is our mission to unite readers, caregivers, authors, and illustrators in the common goal to promote children’s literacy. In a world full of magnificent technology, every once in a while you need to slow it down and take time to fall in love with a timeless classic or a fresh, new indie book. Wherever your interest lies, take a moment to share the gift of reading with a child.

Do you have an idea or project you’ve worked with children on that inspires them to read or love books? Have you helped a child make her or his own book, for example. Or acted out with them characters in a story or crafted them in felt?  Our Facebook group is a place to share ideas that promote a love of books and reading, whether it’s the initial inkling of an idea you would like feedback on or a picture of a proud finished endeavor!

We look forward to bringing you information and linking you together with like-minded individuals via Facebook and our website. It is about building a fellowship and developing new concepts in support of children’s literacy to get kids excited about reading. Thank you for your interest in our journey. We hope you will join us on this path of discovery.

If you’d like to know more about the KidLit Parade Founding Members, please visit the KidLitParade Facebook page, the @KidLitParade Twitter account, or their respective pages listed in the above menu. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the website please do not hesitate to contact K. Lamb or Nelson Suit. If you have a general question about the KidLit Parade mission, any of the KidLit Parade Founding Members would be happy to assist you.