Nelson Suit


I have loved animal stories since I was small, everything from the adventures of Rat and Mole in The Wind in the Willows to Basil the mouse detective solving the great mysteries and crimes of the mouse world in Basil of Baker Street. I also love being out of doors, in among woods and streams and believe that wild spaces bring important insights to our lives. My middle grade children’s books (Els Oot and the Mapmaker and its sequels, Els Oot and the Baby Dragon and Els Oot and the Lost City) are an attempt to marry those two loves: animal stories and wilderness.

I have two kids of my own and so I am always trying to think of ways to inspire them to read and take up a book. Reading has always opened windows for me, and I am passionate about children’s literacy. I believe that children and people who read enrich our communities. Books allow us time to think, to learn about the wider world, to imagine possibilities.


Outside of my own book writing, I help edit Inkspokes, an online literary e-zine that publishes articles on indie book trends, book reviews of independently published and small press works and interviews with authors and other indie publishing creatives. The e-zine also showcases amazing book illustrators (especially freelance illustrators) and attempts to build connections between illustrators, indie authors and eclectic readers.

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