Jill Cofsky

JillCofskyHello! I am the voice actor of the group. I work behind the scenes to add voice to projects, whether it is for education, audiobooks, commercial, telephone, television, internet, radio, video, tutorials, documentaries or even cartoons; all of which require me to adapt my voice and project a variety of voice types. The range varies: warm, comforting, friendly and motherly to energetic, young and silly, to informative, articulate and knowledgeable. Below is an audio sample of Els Oot and the Lost City by Nelson Suit.

In addition to being a voice actor, I am also an elementary school teacher. I love pairing children’s literature and voice acting–they are the perfect combination. I love using my voice to help bring children’s literature to life for my students! I hold a B.S. in Psychology and a Masters in Education and have been professionally trained in voice by Voice Coaches, Creative Voice Development Group LLC in Albany, NY. Beyond that, I volunteer as a community news broadcaster for the visually impaired in my area and as an audiobook narrator for Learning Ally, a U.S. nonprofit serving students with learning and visual disabilities. In addition, I try to be a supportive resource for authors and creatives, especially those working in the field of children’s literacy.

When I’m not teaching or working on a voice over project, I enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as taking a relaxing walk at the beach or park with my family, enthusiastically cheering on my daughters at their performances or sporting events, or recklessly singing along to the latest country hit.

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