K. Lamb

www.klamb.netI was lucky enough to grow up next door to my grandmother who was a voracious reader. Some of my most cherished memories are the two of us sharing a treasured storybook as I sat on her lap or when she tucked me into bed at night.

Being so close to my grandparents’ home also meant I had an unending supply of books in my favorite genres; for me, the library was never closed! I learned early on the importance, value and appreciation of growing up with a love of literature. It is because of my own childhood that I wish to share the gift of reading with children today.

To date I have published three children’s books in the Dani P. Mystery series with additional volumes in various stages of production. These early chapter books are geared toward children 6-10 or grades 1-5. I draw on my experience, both as a mother and the time I spent volunteering in children’s summer programs, to create characters my readers can connect with. My characters are not perfect children and often they are presented with situations in which they question their own choices.  It is about learning from one’s mistakes and personal growth, all wrapped up in a bit of mischief and mayhem!

An advocate of children’s literacy, I believe reading is a gift that should be shared. I try to encourage children in their pursuit of reading and writing whether it is by answering letters, conversing with students via Skype, or visiting classrooms.

When I’m not writing, or working as an office manager, I enjoy a quiet life with my family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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